My iris garden is located just outside Ste Anne, Manitoba, Canada, on approximately 3 acres.

Not only do I grow an extensive collection of iris, but I'm also an American Iris Society (AIS) garden judge, the first in Manitoba.

Many years ago, we used to talk about forming an iris group of our own on the Canadian prairies.  One year, 4 of us finally pulled ourselves together and got the mechanisms in place.  We are the Can-West Iris Society, with membership across the prairies, and even into British Columbia, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories and Alaska as well.

Now, we have yearly iris sales, plus we've had our very own AIS sanctioned iris show for the last 3 years.  In January of 2009, we became an official affliate of AIS, the first outside of Ontario.  For more information on our iris society and membership, click here: 

One of my many objectives was to grow iris that are hardy in Manitoba.  And while I do grow around 150 different tall bearded (TB) iris, it's the median group of irises that do very well here.  These include standard dwarf bearded (SDB), intermediate bearded (IB), border bearded (BB), and miniature tall bearded (MTB) iris.  For more information about median iris, check here:  http://www.medianiris.com/

Miniature dwarf bearded (MDB) iris also do well here.  I have around 150 different named cultivars doing very well.  For more information about dwarf iris, check here:  http://www.zyworld.com/DISoA/Index.htm

I also grow a range of species iris as well, plus I've managed to keep several Japanese Iris alive and blooming over the last 5 years.  For more information on species iris, click here:  http://www.signa.org/index.pl?Species

Other sitesCanadian Iris Society http://www.cdn-iris.ca/
American Iris Society (AIS) website http://www.irises.org/

Please enjoy visiting all these sites, and please plan on visiting my iris display garden when the iris start blooming.

To arrange for a free tour, please contact me at

Throughout the growing season, there will be various iris and other plants, such as daylilies, lilies and hostas for sale.  Pickup only at this time.

El Hutchison

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Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris